Monday, November 01, 2004

More Name Suggestions

Our Daily Broad
Esoterica En Masse
You Have Nowhere To Go Butt-Up


Jovianne said...

"___________,___________ , ___ _____________ "
"____ ___________ __ ______________ "
"____________ ____________ __________ ___ ____________ "
"_____________ ___ _____________"
"__ ______ __ ______ ___ _____ ____ "

Tammi said...

Jovi - that's hysterical!! LOL

Now, my contribution:

Blogs Ahoy!
Blogging Ultra Light
Help, I'm blogging and I can't get up!!!

(ok, lame - but it's Monday dang it)

Jovianne said...

Thanks Tammi,
I figured you can't go wrong with one of those suggestions. . . .
(innocent look)

VW said...

Jovi, LOL. Thanks, that was great and I really needed a laugh!

Jovianne said...

thank you... I just Love being appreciated!
(tosses leftover candy corn at Gramm)

Anonymous said...

"Lick my Balzac"

Jovi said...

I Miss This Blog... ... ...

Grammarian said...

Hey, that's a good name for a blog!

Belle said...

Gramm reading the post right before mine why don't you make the title of this blog "Turn On Your Word Verification"?!

Thanks for visiting me!

LisaBinDaCity said...


Stop, in the name of the blog!

Halt! Who blogs there?

This is fun :-)

Jovianne said...

Life Bites, Life Bleeds

Laugh a Little.... and cry a little.

ichan said...


Bilal Khan said...

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